Attack on Titan Live Action Film!0

While I think I mentioned in my previous post on the top 5 Anime on Netflix that they were evaluating a live-action version of Attack on Titan, I didn’t expect to see the advertisement for it already!  Now, this could be a complete mishmash of different video’s and some very clever CGI and photoshop, but it definitely looks real and if it does indeed prove to be so, well its definitely something I’m interested in seeing!

If you’ve not seen the Anime version of Attack on Titan its definitely something I would recommend that you review immediately … however I would absolutely state that this is not something for the faint of heart as there is significant blood, death, destruction and gore in this show.

Attack on Titan explores a dystopian world dominated by ruthless Titans that appeared out of nowhere.  These titans feed on humans and it is only by building massive walled cities that the survivors manage to eke out a living.  However when even these city walls are breached by new armored and it seems intelligent titans humanity looks to be on the edge of extinction.

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