Supernatural – Yellow Fever (E06)0

Quite a cool episode here but also one that at the same time is somewhat poignant and sad as the evil “monster” in this case is a somewhat misunderstood individual that was unjustly killed.  He has taken to haunting the town where he was killed and the boys come to investigate after the they learn of a man that died from a heart attack without any of the usual symptoms – I have to admit in this case that’s kind of reaching as I’m sure there are hundreds of other people that die daily for similar reasons and they aren’t all related to hauntings!

Anyways in Rock Ridge, Colorado, Dean gets “infected” by the ghost sickness which has the effect of increasing a person’s anxiety and fear to fatal levels (basically the cause of death of the man they are investigating) and watching Dean be frightened is actually a surprisingly funny experience!


Contacting Bobby the boys learn that the ghost they’re hunting is called a Buruburu & in this case they don’t have a body to salt and burn so they are going to have to figure out another way of killing the ghost otherwise Dean’s life is basically over!  Dean’s visions and fears gradually get worse and worse as the episode progresses and we realize that some of his fears are actually from his time in Hell.

Sam & Bobby discover the source of the ghost and realize that since there isn’t a body to burn there only alternative is to actually scare it to death by reenacting its original death itself.  Bobby utilizing some  spellcraft bewitches an iron chain that Sam manages to get around the neck of the ghost – Bobby then roadhauls him behind the Impala, re-enacting his death and successfully scaring the ghost to death.

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