Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 10

Chapter I – Hell on Earth

The Marine walked through a cramped dank corridor. Within the inner chamber he found the hideous Spidermind standing guard over a stone doorway. The monster was a grotesque mesh of flesh and steel, wires hung out from the back of its massive, brain-like head. It had several rows of jagged metal teeth and stood upon hydraulic metal legs with wide black hooves. The marine freshened the magazine of his RPG and charged in, rockets ablaze. The uglier the better, he thought to himself. He fired a whole magazine before the alien could turn to face him, it then unloaded its chain-gun wildly. The marine jumped to his right as the space he was standing in erupted into a blur of screaming gunfire. He ducked behind a stone pillar as the Spidermind stomped closer, firing another flurry of bullets, throwing up dust and rocks from the columns. He moved from the pillar, firing quickly, and ran for cover behind the massive stone cube in the center of the area. The Spidermind dragged it’s spray of fire towards the marine and tore up the carefully carved stone. The frenzy continued with roars of frustration from the beast. Fresh powder from disintegrating stone walls were kicked up from continued rocket and chain-gun fire, as well did the stomping of the giant alien. The marine fought on but was forced to resort to wild blind-fire as the fog of dust particles grew denser. Loud gunfire and explosions echoed and illuminated the chamber. The Spidermind was bleeding from cracks in its cranium and the mechanical legs whined from stress . The marine reached for his BFG and fired a green blob of swirling destruction into the centre of the stomping monstrosity.

The Spidermind roared in defiance as the bolt of explosive energy impacted and violently detonated. The force sent chunks of brain, blood and circuitry flying away from it, the mass of the beast fell upon itself, bursting a hydraulic piston and sending a sizable piece of steel soaring toward the marine which he narrowly dodges. Fresh blood dripped from the walls, carved with lines of bullet holes. The marine walked toward the splattered corpse, his armor dripping with the Spidermind’s entrails. He stepped into the mass of twitching gore and looked through the bloody mess, looking for the key to the gateway. He kicked around the remains and found a cube shaped object . He bent over and lifted it from the steaming guts. He wiped it off and turned it over in his hands, letting the flesh fall away. It was a cube with very sharp edges and jagged lines carved in its sides. He walked over to the doorway carrying the cube in both hands, the great stone doors were carved with circles inside circles. He held the cube up to an altar situated at the bottom of the staircase, leading to the stone doors. A force of some kind lifted the cube from his hands. It seemed to illuminate as it hung in the air and slowly turned hypnotically. It stopped and descended to sit upon the altar, the altar sank into the floor with the sound of grinding stone. The marine began walking up to the doorway as both doors slowly slid back, revealing a brightly shining portal of radiating waves. He climbed forward and the waves reached out to meet him. The hum of the portal gave him a shock to his mind and he was suddenly traveling through a massive energy tunnel.

Ribbons of energy swam past from all sides in a kaleidoscope of colours, interwoven through the passage. He rode for a few moments of increasing speed until a dark spot appeared in the distance ahead. It got closer and when he reached it, he lightly touched ground on the other side with some mild disorientation. It seemed like every other hell-hole he fought his way out of. There was an orange tinge in the sky and the ground was blood-red, trees were scorched and corpses lay scattered around. The marine walked along and soon discovered a ruined city and reality sunk in. This is Earth, suddenly he realized. Tall buildings spat tongues of fire into a sky swarming with lost souls. Some buildings had collapsed, many cars were tipped and burnt through. Possessed civilians mobbed the streets, stumbling into each other and screaming in a bizarre fashion. Hell knights stomped around the perimeter, he enters the town to look for a comm unit. Above the madness and destruction stood a king-sized Cyber-demon, larger than any hell-spawn he’d seen before. He noticed it too late, and was bedazzled by the awful sight. the Cyber-demon turned it’s head and locked its big hypnotizing eyes onto the marine’s. The giant demon grabbed the top of a large building and pushed, it began to collapse in the marine’s path. The sound of the rapidly falling building filled his ears.

He found his bearings and ran. The failing building was raining down its parts from above, the Marine was running like a bat out of hell. He barely cleared the zone of impact and kept running. The mass of the large building touched ground with a thunderous crash, sending up clouds of dust with a gust of strong wind. The shock wave passes over the marine but couldn’t slow him down, fighting through hell made him more resilient. He skidded to a stop and levelled his BFG 9000 on the King Cyber-demon. He fired a large blob of green energy at the demon’s head. The demon roared and fired a rocket at the energy ball and they both detonated on impact. The explosion filled the sky, its green glow radiated on the nearby buildings as it fizzled out. The marine suddenly realized that it would take more firepower to take this monster down than he currently has. Quickly he stashed the BFG, grabbed the plasma rifle and took off, away from the Cyber-demon. In his haste, he allowed smaller monsters to close in on him. Imps and possessed humans filled his peripheral vision and he began firing burning plasma at anything in his way. Imps hissed and threw fireballs at him, the possessed humans shouted their eccentric gibberish as his plasma rifle turned them to burnt chunks. He really thought the nightmare was over when he stepped into the portal, again, things just got worse.

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