Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 5) – ‘Fun and Games’0

This week’s episode gets off to an unexpected start, but we’ve grown to expect that in this space-set season, haven’t we? This time the digression is in service of introducing a new character, Flint (Coy Stewart). We meet Flint as a lowly scavenger trying to survive in the space station housing the remnants of humanity, but he’s about to become something much more.

He’s not the only one going through changes. Upon arrival at the space station, Fitz is informed by Enoch that he’s now “Boshtok,” a space marauder of unlimited wealth and unapproachable ferocity. Those Han Solo references last week weren’t a joke; Fitz is now fully in hero mode. He swaggers enough to impress even Kasius, but Fitz really only has eyes for one person in the room. Enoch offers to introduce him to Simmons, but Fitz has no time for that. Sneaking up to Simmons from behind, he whispers a heartfelt speech that should make any FitzSimmons shipper faint. I mean, just look — even though the universe separated them once again, across space and time this time, he still managed to find his way back to her. “The universe can’t stop us,” he says. And then, to top it all off, in a moment shippers have likely been waiting for years, Fitz even proposes to her…

…but, unfortunately, he didn’t know about Kasius’ implants that prevent his servants from hearing anything other than the voice of his master. So let’s hold off on the wedding bells for now.

In the meantime, it’s time for Flint to face his destiny. Along with a gaggle of other humans, Flint is assembled for exposure to the crystals. The mist comes up from vents beneath them, but when the mist clears, Flint is gone. One good thing about this season is that the villains are not dumb. The Kree knows Flint’s newfound Inhuman powers aren’t at work here, but isn’t sure what the actual answer is.

It is, of course, Yo-Yo…

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