• Console
    The Latest Destiny Update Are Huge Changes For End Game

    I’ve just started playing Destiny on the XBOX and while I’ve heard all the complaints about players having to “grind” forever to get anywhere, the visuals by themselves just suck you in. For those of you that have played Destiny you know that the end game of Destiny is an infinite grind where there is […]

  • Console
    Destiny – more than a game

    I’m late to the whole console gaming thing … I know.  I’ve always been a PC Gamer and very much dismissed the console especially in its earlier incarnations and with the games that they had then.  I’d always been more of a strategy gamer with titles like Civilization, Master of Orion etc… and actually wasn’t […]

  • Games
    Warzone 2100: A hidden gem repolished

      Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy/ real-time tactics game originally released in 1999 by long defunct developer Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos. Its initial release included PC and Playstation 1 versions of the game in April and May of 1999 respectively. Unfortunately, within a year of release Pumpkin studios had dropped support of […]