• Action/Adventure
    Dark Knight III The Master Race: Issue 1 review

    The third, and final installment of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga finally arrived yesterday. The news of even having a third sequel to The Dark Knight Returns may have had you a little worried. You may even still be worried. I know when I heard the announcement, my immediate reaction was ” Why? Just let […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Best Comic Book Battles: Feat Batman

    We come to the end of the Best of Comic Book Battles. Arguably, I saved the best for last. The Dark Knight himself, Batman. I’ve read countless Batman comics and I can tell you that there are a lot of great battles among them. The problem is narrowing it down to five.  I don’t want […]

  • Comics
    Best Comic Battles: Feat. Superman

    I think people love a good fight scene. It’s one of human beings most primal instincts. To just beat the hell out of each other and watch. Weird as it may seem. It has the potential to excite and horrify us all at the same time and yet we can’t seem to lose our interest […]

  • Independent
    Best Comic Book Stories That aren’t DC Or Marvel: Part 1

    This year’s Eisner award nominees were announced earlier this week which got me thinking.if you’re unfamiliar with what the Eisner awards are, think of them as the comic book version of the Oscars. Named after the great Will Eisner who famously wrote The Spirit for several years.  Here is this year’s full list of nominees […]