• Supernatural
    Sympathy for the Devil – Supernatural (S5E1)

    Sorry about this – my writing hasn’t kept up with my watching, (!) but I’ll get all of Season 4 up on the site eventually including an end of season recap.  Season 5, however, needs to be told too and I wouldn’t want you to be kept waiting so without further ado, let’s get into […]

  • Supernatural
    Criss Angel is a Douchebag – Supernatural S4E12

    Another episode that doesn’t really have anything to do with the underlying demon storyline and Sam’s descent into darkness this one almost seems to harken back to an earlier era in Supernatural and in some ways reminds me very much of the very funny movie with Steve Carell – The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  While there […]

  • The Flash
    THE FLASH: Fury of Firestorm

    The Fury of Firestorm went into full gear as we were introduced to the new half of Team Firestorm and some new developments with our other characters. Besides the return of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), there was also the aftermath of Francine West (Vanessa A. Williams) coming back into the West family’s lives. There was a […]

  • Arrow
    Arrow S2E1 – City of Heroes

    With the conclusion of the previous season, we had the syndicate and the members of the conspiracy actually being successful in their plans which was very unexpected!  With a significant portion of the city in ruins, Oliver felt that he’d not lived up to the promise he’d made himself and his father and ended up […]

  • The Flash
    Family of Rogues – Flash S2E03

    The Snarts … talk about a dysfunctional family!  While you might think that Barry Allen and his father are somewhat messed up, or even his potential relationship with his step-sister is a bit weird, the Snarts are definitely the poster children for a screwed up family. Golden Glider (Captain Colds sister) tracks down Cisco at […]

  • Television
    The Flash of Two Worlds

    Starting from the exact moment the previous episode ended (see my post on SFFWorld), the team is stunned that Jay Garrick knows all of their names, and realize he has been spying on them. Jay explains that he is from another world, where he is known as The Flash. In his own world, Jay’s version […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Halloween special:The Best Of Batman Villains: Part 1

    Halloween is just upon us and what better way to celebrate than by honoring Batman’s frightful rouge’s gallery. One could certainly make the case that Batman has the best villains of any superhero. Think of how many you could name off the top of your head if you’re an average fan. Now think of how […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 13: Route 666

    Here’s an episode that will get you riled up. You’ll also get to meet Dean’s first love interest. There is a lonely road out in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. There has been a line of car accidents taking place that are suspicious. Dean’s old flame contacts him asking for help. It turns out Dean Winchester used […]

  • Supernatural
    Supernatural – Lazarus Rising (S4E1)

    While Nia is continuing to cover the earlier seasons and episodes I thought I’d start a little ways in so that we can get all caught up as quickly as possible as this show is one that you don’t want to just provide a one season recap on if you can at all avoid it.  In […]