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    100 Reasons to Watch “The 100” ÷ 2, Part 2/2

    Welcome fraynds to Part 2/2 of the 100 Reasons to Watch The 100 ÷ 2. If you’re late to party, read the first part of the series to get caught up. Disclaimer: Part 2 is designed to point out awesome details that make the show but that could not be discussed necessarily in Part 1, due […]

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    100 Reasons to Watch “The 100” ÷ 2, Part 1/2

    Yep. I’ll admit it. I love The 100. I was deeply ashamed of this statement during the first two seasons that I concealed it around the water cooler crowd. I mean, this is coming from a guy who shamelessly wore flared jeans in high school… think about that faux-pas for a sec. *Nods with raised […]

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