• Military SciFi
    The Scorched Earth by Terry Mixon

        Terry has written a couple of books that I’m quite fond of (namely his Empire of Bones saga, reviewed here, and here) so I thought this one was worth a try too – and while it’s not perfect, there is enough in it that I’m probably going to pick up book 2 when […]

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    Liberty Station – Humanity Unlimited I – Terry Mixon

    I’ve written a couple of posts about some other books by Terry Mixon (his Empire of Bones saga) that I really enjoyed & I have to admit going into this book I was really expecting more of the same.  Unfortunately this time I wasn’t as pleasantly surprised and was in fact somewhat disappointed.  I think […]

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    Veil of Shadows – Terry Mixon (Empire of Bones II)

    Continuing on from the excellent Empire of Bones (reviewed here) Veil of Shadows doesn’t let up any on the action and gets you straight back into the intrigue and goings on in the Kingdom.  While our lost bunch is no closer to finding a way home, they’ve managed to rescue Princess Kelsey at the end […]

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    Empire of Bones – Terry Mixon

    It’s not often that I find a new author that I fall in love with from the first book.  In most cases while I enjoy their first novel I tend to leave the effusive words till I’ve read more and can truly comment on their qualities, however in this case I have to be quite […]