• Books
    Expand your expectations with “The Expanse”

    Having gone to school for Television Writing, I have a decently sizeable social circle of snobby boob tube connoisseurs. One would assume that some discourse surrounding Syfy’s The Expanse would be generated in the vicinity of my presence (A.K.A. Facebook)… But no one’s talking about it! I suppose it should come as no surprise. Who […]

  • Dark Matter
    Dark matter episode Three

    The team is definitely jelling more and there is quite a bit of good humor present in this episode.  Right from the start with the Android continually providing updates about the ships’ arrival at the space station and they are even discussing plans for what will happen afterwards. When number Three wants to sell the […]

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter – Ep1S1

    This show while cool is also somewhat depressing right off the bat (but for purely personal reasons) that I’ll get into later.  The premise of the show is that 6 strangers wake up on a nameless ship with no memory of who they are or what they are doing there.  While they are able to […]