• Doctor Who
    Heaven Sent – Doctor Who (S09E11)

    A somewhat different episode to the one that I was expecting, Heaven Sent worked – although it wasn’t without its flaws.  One thing I’ve come to expect from Capaldi at this point is the ability to pontificate at great length.  He’s demonstrated it quite ably in some of more recent episodes of the show (The […]

  • Horror
    The Abominable Bride

    While this site has primarily been focused on the more Scientific and Fantastic elements of the world, I’d be remiss if I missed the latest episode of Sherlock (it’s only been 2 years – but who’s counting).  After all, I am a SuperWhoLock fan & I’m guessing so are you! While the biggest complaint I […]

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who – Sleep No More (S9E9)

    Continuing on from the interesting / intriguing / excellent but dumb Zygon episodes (Zygon Invasion falls into the dumb camp and Inversion into the excellent one with one of the best monologues from a Doctor in a long time) we come to another one that’s just a bit weird really.   “Sleep No More” is […]