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    The Ember War – Richard Fox

    Yet another military SciFi with a decimated Earth at stake … you’d think that I’d get tired of them wouldn’t you, but I shall persevere!  Don’t worry, I won’t give up in this struggle and will eventually learn all of the different ways we’re fated to die, be it at the hands of lethal aliens, […]

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    Fan fiction: DooM – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 8

    Chapter VIII – Union Aerospace Corporation Saturday, July 9th 2146, 10:46 AM Location: Earth, UAC Headquarters, Sydney Australia It was a sunny day, only a few light, fluffy clouds were threatening the Sun’s comforting warmth. A small group of news reporters stood in the shadow of the tall shining office tower. They casually muttered their […]

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    Fan fiction: Doom – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 6

    Chapter VI – Alien Visitors Loud roars filled the teleport area. The aliens stomped down the ramp, causing it to clatter as it shook. At the control station the automated scanners were already cataloging information about the recent arrivals. “What happened to the fail-safe systems?” demands Banks. “The encryption locks are still in place, i […]

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    If you are new to SciFi and Fantasy but have a Kindle or other eReader a great resource to try out is the Baen Free Library.  While you won’t get access to a whole series by any one author, what you will get is an awesome introduction to some of the most thrilling and exciting […]

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    Star Warfare 2 – Payback

    Star Warfare 2 – Payback is a game from Freyr Software I came across in the Apple app store. Right away, it looked like something interesting. This game is a fairly simple sci-fi shooter with a variety of game modes. The story is that a space-faring organization called the UNCC discovered a revolutionary substance on a planet where […]

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    Hopefully you have had the joyous pleasure of playing the old PC based space strategy game – Master of Orion and its successors … otherwise known as MOO I – MOO III?  If not you are really missing out on something really enjoyable and in a similar fashion to Civilization (and its successors) a game […]