• Military SciFi
    The Slaver Wars: First Strike (The Slaver Wars 4)

    While this series of books is numbered differently based on where you look, I think if you were to read it in the correct sequence you should follow the path below. THE SLAVER WARS: ALIEN CONTACT BY RAYMOND L. WEIL  MOON WRECK: THE SLAVER WARS (BOOK 2) MOON WRECK: FLEET ACADEMY (THE SLAVER WARS 3) […]

  • Military SciFi
    Moon Wreck: Fleet Academy (The Slaver Wars 3)

    Probably the book I enjoyed the least in the series as while it continued the Slaver Wars story very closely & kept our favorite characters close, it had too many elements that just simply didn’t make sense and were completely illogical. As I’ve just mentioned this one has the same core key characters however the […]

  • Military SciFi
    Moon Wreck: The Slaver Wars (Book 2)

    Continuing on from the quite interesting Slaver Wars: Alien Contact, Moon Wreck takes us in a completely different direction than the one I was expecting.  This time, we’re not exposed immediately to a resurgence in the war against the Hocklyn Slave Empire – instead we’re exposed to an Earth not too far in the future […]

  • Military SciFi
    The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact by Raymond L. Weil

    What do you get when you combine BSG with Stargate?  Perhaps somewhat surprisingly from the title and from other books this author has written, you get exactly this exact combination from The Slaver Wars: First Contact.  Now it definitely doesn’t start down that path … in fact the early chapters of the book are more of […]

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