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    Expand your expectations with “The Expanse”

    Having gone to school for Television Writing, I have a decently sizeable social circle of snobby boob tube connoisseurs. One would assume that some discourse surrounding Syfy’s The Expanse would be generated in the vicinity of my presence (A.K.A. Facebook)… But no one’s talking about it! I suppose it should come as no surprise. Who […]

  • SciFi
    The Expanse Book 1 – Leviathan Wakes

    So it’s not without some sense of shame that I say readingLeviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey is the equivalent of eating a well-made meal. You don’t have to have a sophisticated pallet to enjoy it, but even a true food snob will find something to appreciate if in the right mood. Be warned, there are […]

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    Constitution – Book 1 of the Legacy Fleet by Nick Webb

    Well it had to happen I guess … I mean I’d had a pretty good run of well written and edited books with a decent story, plotline and characters, I guess you couldn’t expect it to last forever! Discovery of the Saiph was really enjoyable and Steel Breach was excellent – both books and authors […]