• Agents of Shield
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 5) – ‘Rewind’

    True to its name, “Rewind” tracks back the story a good 74 years to pick up last season’s cliffhanger in the moments after everyone vanishes from the diner. Except for Fitz. Just a few moments after the team is grabbed, a military unit shows up and arrests S.H.I.E.L.D.’s lone remaining agent. He spends six months […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 9: Home

    This episode may be hard with those with small children (and a fear of lethal kitchen sinks) to watch. The scene opens up with a classic scenario many people may have faced in their childhood. A little girl in bed as her is downstairs unpacking boxes. It’s obvious they have just moved, and the mom […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 15: The Benders

    Let’s set the stage for this one. Imagine waking up in a cage. Inch thick bars all around you, everything, is creaking. You see a dark figure enter through a creaking barn door to your cage. The bars slide open, but only to give you food and water. The dark figure leaves, and you’re left […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 10 Asylum

    Have you ever wished to visit a haunted asylum? To linger in the very halls where so many of the insane suffered? Well, Sam and Dean take a trip into the dark depths of an abandoned asylum on this new hunt! This episode of Supernatural is well thought out. It starts out pretty normal. A […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 12: Faith

    The Winchester Brothers are at it again! Episode 12 is here and ready to rock and roll! So, what kind of interesting case do Sam and Dean bring you today? Episode 12 takes a dive into the deep end of the spectrum. The episode starts off with Dean running into a house. He and Sam […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 11: Scarecrow

    Do you want another reason to avoid dark cornfields and creepy orchards? Dean and Sam argue, Sam goes hitchhiking, and Dean finds out what kind of lengths people are willing to go to in order to maintain their way of life. In this episode, it starts off nicely enough. A couple had their car break […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 8: Bugs

    Are you ready for some creepy crawlies? Do you want to see people escape an old curse? If so, welcome to another episode review of the Supernatural series. In this episode, the opening scene shows two men working at a construction site. New homes are being put up in renovated lots. One of the workers […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 – Supernatural: Episode 2, Wendigo

    During this episode, Dean and Sam are investigating a forest preserve. There has been a string of disappearances over the years in the woods. As they dig deeper and deeper into the mystery, find a disturbing pattern. Every thirty years a string of people go missing in the forest. Only one man ever survived the […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 6 Skin

    Who’s ready to go out on another hunt? Well, put on your crucifix necklaces. Get your bottle of holy water, and buckle up when you get into your Impala. Today the Winchester brothers are going on the hunt for a shape shifter! Similar to the past episode this one has a few creepy elements going […]