• Books
    Steel World – Undying Mercenaries #1

    I’ve been reading Mr. Larson for a while now & the one thing I have to state is that I’m really glad I haven’t given up on him.  Some of his earlier books were a bit hard to get through and while they had elements that were interesting they didn’t necessarily live up to the […]

  • Independent

    I’ve recently taken to reading quite a few different self published titles (The In Her Name series is a great one if you’re interested in doing the same) and came across this title in my search on Goodreads. Now I have to be honest, one of the factors in choosing self published vs. mainstream is obviously […]

  • SciFi
    Battle Cruiser – B. V. Larson

    I recognized the name B.V.Larson first as one that I’d read before but I couldn’t figure out or exactly remember where I’d heard of him, but as this was another find on Kindle Unlimited, I thought it was definitely worth pursuing and I’m actually really glad I did. His previous books – one of which I’ve […]