• Agents of Shield
    Agents of Shield – The moment when everyone gasped …

    Last weeks episode of Shield didn’t really give us any great shocks or surprises did it?  I mean we all knew that Skye was Daisy Johnson (Quake) … we all knew that Raina was something different, something new and we all knew that Tripp was dead.  What we didn’t know however was how the team […]

  • SciFi

    I know, I know … another end of the world monsters invade saga … you’d think I would get tired of reading them but absolutely not! I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment! 🙂 Battle Earth – listed as a trilogy is actually a sequence of 5 books as you can see on Amazon with the […]

  • Books
    Star Trek Excelsior – Forged in Fire

    Forged in Fire takes place between the movies Star Trek 5 and 6, it describes how Hikaru Sulu becomes Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior. During Sulu’s youth, we learn that he narrowly saved himself and his parents from being killed by a bloodthirsty, albino Klingon who is forced to live as an outlaw. In the […]

  • Comic Book
    Why Fox Should Not Produce A Live Action X-Men TV Series

    It’s no longer a secret that Fox is looking to bring a live-action X-Men series to television. The success of series like Flash, Arrow and Gotham have proven to studios that the demand for live action superhero programming on television exists. For the 15-years the only live action tales to be had featuring Wolverine, Magneto […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 – Supernatural: Episode 2, Wendigo

    During this episode, Dean and Sam are investigating a forest preserve. There has been a string of disappearances over the years in the woods. As they dig deeper and deeper into the mystery, find a disturbing pattern. Every thirty years a string of people go missing in the forest. Only one man ever survived the […]

  • Agents of Shield

    One good thing about Agents of SHIELD is that it isn’t afraid to change.  In the next to last episode before the winter break (and start of Marvel’s Agent Carter), Ye Who Enter Here didn’t waste any time with the whole Hidden City plotline – unlike Season 1!  This is quite refreshing as while the carving on […]

  • Television
    “Spend” – The Walking Dead Goes Darker

    “You’re going to have to kill him.” – Carol Pelletier.   As I mentioned when The Walking Dead hosted a dinner party last week, a consistent issue with the show seems to be its rather large cast. So it was not a huge surprise to me to see that this week, we would be getting more […]

  • Agents of Shield
    Who you really are – Agents of SHIELD

    Filler Hmmm – I have to be honest I was really looking forward to this episode as unlike some other reviewers I really enjoyed last weeks one and Lady Sif is always badass and cool – however I have to be honest … I was somewhat disappointed as this episode felt like nothing more than […]

  • Comic Book
    Ant Man

    For those not informed, in October of 2014, the major movie studies released a timeline of all of their planned & upcoming Superhero movies from now until 2020.  To say that it is ambitious is to be very (very) kind … however for a SciFi/Fantasy & Comic geek its nothing less than perfection!  This slew of […]

  • Star Trek
    Wait What!!??: Story logic

    I caught an old episode of Star Trek Voyager today Season 2 episode 21 “Deadlock” to be precise. I had a very powerful wait what moment. Harry Kim behind his console in the heat of battle announces we have 300 Vidiian intruders onboard. My head went askew as I recalled Voyager as a ship was […]

  • SciFi

    Now I would be among the first to admit that based on the book jacket this book seems really (really) far-fetched but hey – that’s what good Science Fiction is, isn’t it? By taking our studies of gravitics and Particle Physics into a new direction Roger MacBride Allen has written a believable and enjoyable piece […]

  • Agents of Shield

    Opening: Spy vs. spy escapades between HYDRA and Shield appears to be what will be driving this season.  The question I have is – are we going to be delivered the heady results we had in the opening 2-parter, or are we going to slip into more mundane, if not cheesy spy tropes and clichés […]

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