• Books
    Star Splinter – Fractured Space (1) – J G Cressey

    Took me a couple of days to get through this one and I have to be honest I started somewhat slowly as I was not expecting too much after my previous less than excellent reading experience with the Escape to Earth series. You can read my full review of that series via the link, but suffice […]

  • Once Upon A Time
    Once Upon a Time – Snow Falls (S1E03)

    OK lets continue the Once Upon a Time journey … sorry these are a big disjointed … I’m actually half way through Season 2 right now, but have only managed to get three (this one included) of the Season 1 posts up.  Hopefully I can do a real big  catch up in the coming weeks […]

  • Books
    Escape To Earth – Andrew Saxon

    Escape to Earth is another series that I tried because of Kindle Unlimited and the ability to obtain books for “free”. You might recall my previous post on a similar trial with the series The Human Legion – Marine Cadet? I guess lets start with my biggest gripe with the books in this series … […]

  • Doctor Who

    Bah Humbug It’s extremely sad when a dream is shattered and left on the ground in pieces. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened with this years Christmas edition of Doctor Who. Right from the beginning as the Doctor plunged through the vacuum of space (apparently without needing to breath at all) struggling to make his […]

  • Books

    Hopefully by this point in time you’ve realized that I’m a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson’s work (my review of The Rithmatist is here and also one of his books in the epic Wheel of Time series – The Gathering Storm).  I’m always in awe of his creativity and to be honest his throughput frankly […]

  • Action/Adventure

    Mixtapes. Mariah Carey’s ethnicity. Turducken. There are certain combinations that work so well together that we couldn’t imagine them continuing to exist any other way. Hercules stormed its way into 2014’s summer movie season with a 100 million dollar budget, an all-star cast and an original take on an old and familiar story that the […]

  • Books
    Marine Cadet (The Human Legion Book 1) by Tim C. Taylor

    I think I spoke about Kindle Unlimited in a previous post so I won’t go into all of my negatives on it here as you can read about them in that post.  One good thing I will state about it though is that it does help to introduce you to new authors that you might […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Top 15 Batman T.A.S. Episodes of all time

    In honor of the newly announced batch of Batman: The Animated Series figures that DC is putting out I figured it would be nice for me to revisit the series. It’s no secret that this incarnation of Batman remains many fans definitive version of the character. It was such a timely and special series that […]

  • Books
    Fan fiction: Doom – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 6

    Chapter VI – Alien Visitors Loud roars filled the teleport area. The aliens stomped down the ramp, causing it to clatter as it shook. At the control station the automated scanners were already cataloging information about the recent arrivals. “What happened to the fail-safe systems?” demands Banks. “The encryption locks are still in place, i […]

  • Agents of Shield

    OK, I know that in the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan – I mean lets be honest, it didn’t really seem to be going anywhere did it? – and there were parts in the middle where it seemed to lag also and was full of filler and fluff, but after the big Hydra reveal, […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Attack on Titan Live Action Film!

    While I think I mentioned in my previous post on the top 5 Anime on Netflix that they were evaluating a live action version of Attack on Titan, I didn’t expect to see the advertisement for it already!  Now this could be a complete mishmash of different video’s and some very clever CGI and photoshop, […]

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