• Agents of Shield
    Who you really are – Agents of SHIELD

    Filler Hmmm – I have to be honest I was really looking forward to this episode as unlike some other reviewers I really enjoyed last weeks one and Lady Sif is always badass and cool – however I have to be honest … I was somewhat disappointed as this episode felt like nothing more than […]

  • Star Trek
    Wait What!!??: Story logic

    I caught an old episode of Star Trek Voyager today Season 2 episode 21 “Deadlock” to be precise. I had a very powerful wait what moment. Harry Kim behind his console in the heat of battle announces we have 300 Vidiian intruders onboard. My head went askew as I recalled Voyager as a ship was […]

  • Agents of Shield

    Opening: Spy vs. spy escapades between HYDRA and Shield appears to be what will be driving this season.  The question I have is – are we going to be delivered the heady results we had in the opening 2-parter, or are we going to slip into more mundane, if not cheesy spy tropes and clichés […]

  • Doctor Who

    The End of Time – Part I A Christmas two-part’er for the final episodes of the 10th Doctors incarnation sees The Master & The Timelords return!!! Summary of Part 1 When The Doctor goes to visit the Ood, he is informed that The Master is returning and also that “something” else from the Darkness is […]

  • Supernatural
    S1 Episode 7: Hook Man

    Two teens decided to take a late night drive. They’re sitting in the car, things are getting heated. They hear a thump outside of the car. The soon-to-be-lucky boyfriend decides to be the man and check it out. He gets out looking for the cause of the noise. A few moments go by so the […]

  • Agents of Shield

    Opening: Agents of Shield finally came together by the end of Season 1 and we were treated to a rousing conclusion that served to bring us into the Coulson era.  So, how has this all been going over the intervening months?  The opening episode of season does fill us in, but not before offering another […]

  • Television
    In Review: “Leaked” Supergirl pilot.

    As some of you may or may not know the CBS pilot for Supergirl had “leaked” carrying on a fine tradition with the ilk of Arrow, Constantine and The Flash. Putting the great marketing debate aside for now let’s talk about this pilot which really should be the only thing that counts. The plot structure […]

  • Doctor Who

    The Doctor mistakenly returns Clara to present-day Bristol, where the exterior dimensions of the TARDIS have started to shrink. He sends Clara out to investigate, where she meets Rigsy, a graffiti artist on community service, who tells her about eight recent disappearances, commemorated on a mural inside an underpass tunnel. Clara returns to the TARDIS […]

  • Doctor Who

    Clara is starting have trouble juggling her double life at Coal Hill School and in the TARDIS, especially now that she is dating Danny. She is let off the hook when The Doctor announces he is going ‘deep cover’ and tells Danny she wants to spend more time with him. Unfortunately, The Doctor’s undercover operation […]

  • SciFi
    Star Trek – The Ultimate Computer review

    In tribute to Leonard Nimoy in his time of passing, I wanted to say something about the series itself. The Ultimate Computer isn’t my favourite episode, but it’s the episode where I first realized the series’ deeper meanings. My Father admired the show when I was young and I had been exposed to quite a […]

  • Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer Launches with Apple Partnership

    Yesterday, at the Apple Keynote “Spring Forward” event, a new trailer for Season 5 of Game of Thrones was launched. With it came the announcement that HBO Now would be available on Apple devices beginning this April in an exclusive partnership.The confirmed pricing for the streaming service will be $14.99 a month. The new season […]