• Once Upon A Time
    Once Upon a Time: The Thing You Love Most (s1e02)

    One great thing I’ve noticed in the first season of this show is that the writers seem to have mapped out the whole series in advance and while they’ve made adjustments based on what’s popular on Television and Film (the appearance of Frozen within Once Upon a Time is a key case in point) they […]

  • Once Upon A Time
    Once Upon a Time – Snow Falls (S1E03)

    OK lets continue the Once Upon a Time journey … sorry these are a big disjointed … I’m actually half way through Season 2 right now, but have only managed to get three (this one included) of the Season 1 posts up.  Hopefully I can do a real big  catch up in the coming weeks […]

  • Once Upon A Time
    Once Upon a Time – S1E04 – The Price of Gold

    It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity of visiting our friends in Storybrooke, but I’ll try to catch you all quickly over the coming months so that we’re reasonably up to date by the next season.  If you’ve never seen this show before, allow me to give you a (very brief) recap of […]

  • Once Upon A Time

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … oops, sorry … I’m getting my genres all mixed up!  Let’s try that again shall we?! Once upon a time in a fairy tale land, a wicked witch casts an epic curse and the land is encased in darkness.  The only way that the good […]

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