• Anime
    Knights of Sidonia – S2Ep1 – Conflict

    I talked about Knights of Sidonia in my previous post about the Top 5 Anime on Netflix and I really, really enjoyed it when I saw Season 1 so I was quite excited to learn that Season 2 had been released.  If you don’t remember what its about, think of Battle Star Galactica with alien […]

  • Animation & Anime
    The Top 5 Anime Shows on Netflix

    Japanese Anime can be quite weird in someways, I mean you never really know what you’re going to get it and while the graphics and art is almost always exceptional the stories and interaction between some of the characters is sometimes not at all what you would expect. One of my major gripes with Japanese Anime is the incest taboo […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Attack on Titan Live Action Film!

    While I think I mentioned in my previous post on the top 5 Anime on Netflix that they were evaluating a live action version of Attack on Titan, I didn’t expect to see the advertisement for it already!  Now this could be a complete mishmash of different video’s and some very clever CGI and photoshop, […]