• Which Fitbit is right for me?

    Fitbit is no stranger to the activity tracking market. It’s been kicking around for a years, sitting at the top of its class smugly watching as its competitors hope to raise the same brand awareness.Chances are if you are reading this feature, you too…

  • Interweb
    Flatworm Travels To Space With One Head, Comes Back With Two

    We’ve sent a large variety of animals into space including Monkeys, Dogs, Scorpions, Jellyfish and more. One of the most recent space travellers aboard the ISS returned to Earth exhibiting a strange new phenomena: two regenerated heads. One of 15 flatworms from the species Dugesia japonica flown above the ISS for five weeks, developed a strange new regeneration […]

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    Cassini’s Latest Pictures Reveal Clouds, Lakes On Titan

    The most recent series of images from the Cassini Data site show an array of clouds sweeping across Titan’s atmosphere. The images were captured last week as Cassini made it’s orbit around Saturn. Not only are clouds captured in the pictures, but we also see sand dunes and seas of hydrocarbons. Dark spots seen […]

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  • Comic Book
    Bill Finger Recognized As Co-creator Of Batman

      Long over due doesn’t begin to cut it. Bill Finger was instrumental in creating the Dark Knight and his world but never got the credit for it. Since Batman’s inception Bob Kane was the only creator associated with the character. Even Kane admired on a few occasions that Bill finger had a hand in […]

  • Books
    The Shannara Chronicles are coming!

    While I’m personally still waiting for the Wheel of Time to be made into a series of movies or episodic TV shows, the Shannara Chronicles based on Terry Brooks amazing series – the  Sword of Shannara is definitely a good placeholder! The Sword of Shannara’s events take place 2000 years in our future after a […]

  • Comics
    Valerie D’Orazio

    I was just made aware of something today. Something very interesting that there appears to be a secret cabal that lurks in the shadows too deprive or hold down the number of successful men writing comics. With a powerful and systematic campaign to publicly smear a single person. If your not sure what I’m referring […]

  • Interweb
    The Truth is out there again!

    Not sure if you’ve heard the news, but the X-Files is coming back.  While its only a limited 6 episode run, I couldn’t be more excited.  The X-Files for me was one of those shows that helped to define me (not to be too deep or anything) but when it was on Television, the only […]

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    Spock is no more …

    Sad news … One of the icons of my generation is unfortunately no more. There will be lots on the news about this I’m sure over the coming days and weeks so I’m not going to go over the whole value of his life and his whole history of film/television here. Suffice it to say […]

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    Kindle Unlimited – come on Amazon – be fair!

    As a recent member of Kindle Unlimited – by the way and completely unrelated do you feel that Canadian’s and for that matter anyone not from the US gets gypped by Amazon?  I mean Amazon Prime is actually quite cool … in the States.  There you get Video (similar to Netflix but probably not as good) and […]

  • Agents of Shield

    Well the long awaited day has almost arrived … AOS is coming back tomorrow!  While Agent Carter definitely helped to tide us over with some excellent episodes over the past 7 weeks, I’m sure that you were as eager for the return of Coulson and the Agents of Shield as I was.  So where were […]

  • Comic Book
    Ant Man

    For those not informed, in October of 2014, the major movie studies released a timeline of all of their planned & upcoming Superhero movies from now until 2020.  To say that it is ambitious is to be very (very) kind … however for a SciFi/Fantasy & Comic geek its nothing less than perfection!  This slew of […]

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