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    Call of Duty 2020 Release Date
    Call of Duty 2020 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far!

    Here is everything we know about Call of Duty 2020 – one of the most anticipated games geeks are looking forward to. We are in the first half quarter of 2020 and the upcoming Call of Duty is arguably a way off but the good news is that its release has been confirmed by Activision. […]

  • Console
    The Witcher – Netflix Review

    With the Watchmen, for example, I hadn’t seen the original movie and while I’m about 1/2 way through the series, I’ve yet to finish it. I’ve done better this time as instead of starting to write a review while watching the show episode by episode, I’ve decided to binge the whole series first so I […]

  • Military SciFi
    Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries – The Story Continues

    As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a bit of a junkie when it comes to Battletech, Mechwarrior and the whole genre. Some of the books in the series are really excellent reads and while I’ve only reviewed a few on the site – BATTLETECH: DECISION AT THUNDER RIFT – THE LAUNCH OF THE GREY DEATH LEGION […]

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    Planet Zoo PC Game
    Planet Zoo – PC Game Review

    Micromanagement is the cornerstone on which the excitement of a simulation game depends. An impressive simulation game is the one that excites you with entertaining micromanagement instead of laborious efforts. It always excites the gaming geeks to watch their empire grow and bear fruit through exceptional decision making. The game becomes rewarding when is successfully […]

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    Which Strategy Game Would You Like?

    Fans of this blog know that I love my strategy games. I’ve spent many an hour trying to defeat different leaders in Civ I to Civ VI and I expect that it will always hold a favorite spot in my heart. Strategy video games provide gamers with the opportunity to really delve into a game’s […]

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    Fanfiction: Doom – The Fires of Phobos, Chapter 8

    Chapter VIII – Empowering Escape The Staging Bay raged with combat, blobs of plasma and gunfire sailed through the air as demons continued to appear from portals. The Marine was shooting in two directions at once, holding the shotgun and assault rifle in each hand, blasting holes into Imps and Demons with ease. A Security […]

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    Fanfiction: Doom – The Fires of Phobos, Chapter 7

    Chapter VII – Wrath of the Marine The recently revived Marine moved fast, his instincts were sending him some previously unknown signals and seemed to imply lots of trouble, but he couldn’t seem to slow himself down. Any doubt he had in his mind was silenced and new focus took hold. He knew some dark […]