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    Phoenix: The Radio Play

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking to my first real-life celebrity, which I think is really cool! Scott Fivelson, the author of several different books and films, has recently authored a one-act play called, “Phoenix: The Radio Play,” that is currently available on Amazon.   The play is published by director Milton Horowitz’s ingenious Cleveland […]

  • Independent

    I’ve recently taken to reading quite a few different self published titles (The In Her Name series is a great one if you’re interested in doing the same) and came across this title in my search on Goodreads. Now I have to be honest, one of the factors in choosing self published vs. mainstream is obviously […]

  • Books
    Audio Download – Phoenix: The Radio Play

    Hopefully you’ve read my previous post about Phoenix: The Radio Play (by the way, if you search Zone6 for Phoenix you’ll also find the awesome list of the best XMen stories with the Dark Phoenix … I really can’t recommend this comic book enough) you’ll and have learned all about my first celebrity encounter with Scott Fivelson […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Pulp Comic Characters: Remembering The Forgotten Icons

    It’s 2015 and names like Batman and Spider-man are as well known as Homer Simpson or Santa Claus. The names that are becoming harder and harder to remember are those of the pulpy characters that helped shaped these modern day superheroes.  i’m not that old, but it seems that unless you’re over the age of […]

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