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    Intergalactic Wizard Scout by Rodney Hartman

      Over the years I’ve read a couple of books and series that have started out well, but over the course of multiple books, gotten quite a bit “less good” and somewhat tedious.  Unfortunately, Intergalactic Wizard Scout is one of these in my opinion. While the writing itself is nothing to write home about, the […]

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    What to Expect in the Final Season of Game of Thrones

    It has been a week since the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, annnnd it’s withdrawal peak for all of us. Know what that means? Gratuitous speculation time!!!! The pace is moving quicker, endgame pieces are emerging, and the setups for the conclusion have been laid out. What can one expect in the final season […]

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    Game of Thrones Middle Ground: characters say, not today

    “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” But as usual, Cersei is spewing nonsense because there IS a middle ground. Characters don’t just live or die; some become fixed in the in-between. These characters are those still alive in the books but have met their […]

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    Firefight (Reckoners 2) – Brandon Sanderson

    Sanderson is prolific.  I’m sure you’ve heard that elsewhere if not just on this site & it’s really true.  Not only does he write some amazing fantasy series – The Mistborn & Stormlight Archives being great examples – he also managed to complete the (epic) Wheel of Time after the unfortunate death of Robert Jordan. […]

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    Franz Kafka: I’m more than my hair!

    Ever hear the term kafkaesque (pronounced Kaf·ka·esque)? Nope? Keep on reading. Here’s the rather tragic life story of one of the most prolific sci-fi novelists whose works serve as grand metaphors till this day. Meet Franz Kafka, a mixed bag of a frustrated bureaucrat, playboy, and a whole lot of daddy issues. Although you might know him […]

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    The Shannara Chronicles are coming!

    While I’m personally still waiting for the Wheel of Time to be made into a series of movies or episodic TV shows, the Shannara Chronicles based on Terry Brooks amazing series – the  Sword of Shannara is definitely a good placeholder! The Sword of Shannara’s events take place 2000 years in our future after a […]

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    I have to admit that I started this book without any expectations at all (while I’ve since read quite a bit of Brandon Sanderson, at the time I had not known any of his work). As a big SciFi and Fantasy fan I have read many more series, authors and books that aren’t worth any […]

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    Evil has been defeated. The war has just begun. After destroying the Lord Ruler in the Final Empire, the crew that deposed him is left to pick up all the pieces and come up with a way to solve the Lord Rulers final riddle. It may just be that killing the Lord Ruler was the easy […]

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    Brief Outline Written by Roger Zelazny in the 70’s the Chronicles of Amber is an epic fantasy series. Its one of the ones that survives the test of time (I know – I’ve re-read it several times over the years now and each time I find something new to enjoy) and only grows better as […]

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    The World The Final Empire is on a world called Scarial.  The Lord Ruler gained his power through the Well of Ascension one thousand years before the first book (The Final Empire) begins.  With the power that he gained, he changed the location of the planet in addition to rearranging the continents themselves! The People […]

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    The first book in a new trilogy by S.M. Stirling sees the small island of Nantucket and its immediate surrounding areas swept into the past sometime around the year 1250 BC by an unknown force or entity. While this is “unknown force” doing something to a random group of humans is fairly standard fare in […]

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    The Hobbit

    For fans of fantasy there probably is no greater book than the Lord of the Rings.  While other authors (Jordan and Martin for example) have since expanded on these words and worlds (Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Way of Kings etc…) and taken the realms in different directions, the granddaddy for all of them […]

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    There are some books that you read in your youth that you simply do not appreciate at the time.  On re-read however?! … W O W!  Tad Williams book – The Dragonbone Chair is one of these. I remember when I first read this, that I was bored in the beginning and really struggled to […]

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