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    Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson

      Freehold is an interesting read … BUT … you have to wade through the boring parts in the beginning quarter to half of the book before it really starts to grip you and the last quarter – well that part won’t let you go! Freehold centers around a woman named Kendra. At the beginning […]

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    Intergalactic Wizard Scout by Rodney Hartman

      Over the years I’ve read a couple of books and series that have started out well, but over the course of multiple books, gotten quite a bit “less good” and somewhat tedious.  Unfortunately, Intergalactic Wizard Scout is one of these in my opinion. While the writing itself is nothing to write home about, the […]

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    Deep Space Nine – Station Rage

    This was another book that was very easy to enjoy. Station Rage has action and intrigue, beginning with some history of DS9 and the Cardassians, building into scenes of espionage and eventually into guerrilla warfare on the station. On the space station, Deep Space Nine, in an unexplored area, Starfleet discovers preserved remains of several […]

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    Fan fiction: DooM – The Fires of Phobos, Chapter 4

    Glowing jewels ran down the corridor, the plasma strikes the distant approaching invaders. “Fire in the hole” shouts a marine. The screeching grenade arched through the air and decimates a horde of aliens approaching from behind. Major Sargent Martinez was providing intel to Admiral Frost over a ultra frequency transmitter. “Mobility has been impaired. Our […]

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    Spock Must Die!

    This is a novel by James Blish, a notable science fiction writer who began releasing stories in 1940, before that, he was a member of the Futurians, along with Issac Asimov, which was a group of science fiction fans that spawned many editors and writers. It started in the late 1930’s, based in New York […]

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    What to Expect in the Final Season of Game of Thrones

    It has been a week since the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, annnnd it’s withdrawal peak for all of us. Know what that means? Gratuitous speculation time!!!! The pace is moving quicker, endgame pieces are emerging, and the setups for the conclusion have been laid out. What can one expect in the final season […]

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    Game of Thrones Middle Ground: characters say, not today

    “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” But as usual, Cersei is spewing nonsense because there IS a middle ground. Characters don’t just live or die; some become fixed in the in-between. These characters are those still alive in the books but have met their […]

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    Firefight (Reckoners 2) – Brandon Sanderson

    Sanderson is prolific.  I’m sure you’ve heard that elsewhere if not just on this site & it’s really true.  Not only does he write some amazing fantasy series – The Mistborn & Stormlight Archives being great examples – he also managed to complete the (epic) Wheel of Time after the unfortunate death of Robert Jordan. […]

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  • Movies
    UPDATE: Warner Bros. Confirms Solo BATMAN Film With Ben Affleck Directing

    One of the best things about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Both critics and fans can agree that it was perfect casting, despite the fact that the initial reaction to Affleck taking on the role was overwhelmingly negative. We’ve been hearing about a new standalone Batman film for a long time, but now it seems we have official confirmation of the project. 

    During this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara took to the stage and made the announcement: “We’re working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman movie,” revealed Tsujihara. Not only did he reveal that Affleck would lead the Batman standalone film, he also mentioned that there are “at least 10” DC Films that are in development to be released within the next five years. 

    UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Ben Affleck is set to direct the Batman standalone film.

    .@BenAffleck is also confirmed to direct, as well as star in.
    — Pamela McClintock

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  • SciFi
    Get Your First Look At Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt’s New Sci-Fi Romance Movie, PASSENGERS

    The first footage from director Morten Tyldum’s Passengers wowed CinemaCon attendees when it screen last night with its mix of action, romance and sci-fi drama, and we have a snap of the teaser poster featuring stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

    The story deals with a crew of over 5,000 people in hypersleep as they embark on their 120 year journey to colonize a planet called Homestead 2. With 90 years still left of the clock, one of em’ (Pratt) wakes up and must face the prospect of living the rest of his life with nobody but the android bartender (Michael Sheen) for company. That is, until another passenger (Lawrence) opens her eyes.

    Passengers also stars Aurora Perrineau and Laurence Fishburne, and is set to hist theaters on December 21.

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  • Military SciFi
    The Slaver Wars: First Strike (The Slaver Wars 4)

    While this series of books is numbered differently based on where you look, I think if you were to read it in the correct sequence you should follow the path below. THE SLAVER WARS: ALIEN CONTACT BY RAYMOND L. WEIL  MOON WRECK: THE SLAVER WARS (BOOK 2) MOON WRECK: FLEET ACADEMY (THE SLAVER WARS 3) […]

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    Fanfiction: DooM – The Fires of Phobos, Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 Martinez and his squad marched through the corridor after passing the air-lock, arriving at the entrance to Alpha Labs. The corridor was undergoing maintenance, it had bare panelling and conduits left hanging open, a step ladder and a pair of toolboxes lay upon the floor. Sergeant Martinez taps a universal control panel on […]

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    Star Trek – In the Name of Honour

    This story takes takes place between the movies Star Trek 5 & 6, detailing the proceedings of peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon empire that came to a front in the beginning of Star Trek 6. The story begins with a deep space encounter, eight years earlier, between a Starship and an imperial […]

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