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    Spock, Messiah!

    This book begins with the Enterprise orbiting the planet Kyros and preparing for an away mission. Dr. McCoy is directing the first trials of a new technology which gives the away team more abilities. The DOP implant is loaded with a given (alien) personality by directly sending live brain wave signals to the device, I […]

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    Fan fiction: DooM – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 8

    Chapter VIII – Union Aerospace Corporation Saturday, July 9th 2146, 10:46 AM Location: Earth, UAC Headquarters, Sydney Australia It was a sunny day, only a few light, fluffy clouds were threatening the Sun’s comforting warmth. A small group of news reporters stood in the shadow of the tall shining office tower. They casually muttered their […]

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    Fanfiction – DooM: Portal to Chaos, Chapter 3

    Chapter III – The Trip of a Lifetime “High command doesn’t ever give up, do they?” Kronos asks of Banks. “It’s their nature, they don’t like anything resembling a threat. As weary as I am of these exchanges, I do rather admire their attempts” quietly replies the Director. They eventually came to the doors leading […]

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    Fan fiction: DooM – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 7

    Chapter VII – Portal to Chaos Major Mills stood in the small, crowded monorail terminal. Top level researchers that usually act like whispering statues were in the grip of unrestrained hysteria. The Major could barely believe what he was hearing. “Are… Are you serious?” the Major asks. “If you don’t believe me, then take a […]

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    Fan fiction: Doom – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 6

    Chapter VI – Alien Visitors Loud roars filled the teleport area. The aliens stomped down the ramp, causing it to clatter as it shook. At the control station the automated scanners were already cataloging information about the recent arrivals. “What happened to the fail-safe systems?” demands Banks. “The encryption locks are still in place, i […]

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    Star Trek – Double, double

    This novel serves as a continuation of the original series episode ‘What little girls are made of’. In the episode, Kirk and Christine Chapel beam down to Exo III to meet the long missing Dr. Roger Korby who is also Christine’s fiancée. Korby tells Kirk that he has made an amazing breakthrough after deciphering the […]

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    Star Trek Excelsior – Forged in Fire

    Forged in Fire takes place between the movies Star Trek 5 and 6, it describes how Hikaru Sulu becomes Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior. During Sulu’s youth, we learn that he narrowly saved himself and his parents from being killed by a bloodthirsty, albino Klingon who is forced to live as an outlaw. In the […]

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    Star Trek – The Ultimate Computer review

    In tribute to Leonard Nimoy in his time of passing, I wanted to say something about the series itself. The Ultimate Computer isn’t my favourite episode, but it’s the episode where I first realized the series’ deeper meanings. My Father admired the show when I was young and I had been exposed to quite a […]

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    Fan fiction, DooM – Portal to Chaos, Chapter 5

    Chapter V – Ritualistic Behaviour “I’m not paid to ask questions about shipments, I just deliver the cargo” states the shady freighter Captain in the large, bright hangar bay. A sharp winged shuttle with a reinforced rear section filled the area, two levels of scaffolding rimmed the hangar’s walls. Corporal Revok stared silently at the […]

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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine – Devil in the Sky

    I enjoy DS9 because I find that a space station is an interesting setting, I’m curious about the different situations that might happen there and this book really delivered for me on that front. In the original series episode, Devil in the dark, we were introduced to what seems to be one of the series’ most […]

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    Star Warfare 2 – Payback

    Star Warfare 2 – Payback is a game from Freyr Software I came across in the Apple app store. Right away, it looked like something interesting. This game is a fairly simple sci-fi shooter with a variety of game modes. The story is that a space-faring organization called the UNCC discovered a revolutionary substance on a planet where […]

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    Fanfiction – DooM: Portal to Chaos, Chapter 2

    Chapter II – Deimos Rising “…Now running signature Omega-38 against sequence 430-Alpha” said Dr. Kronos in the darkened research lab, a massive construct sat before him. Kronos watched energy patterns and equations scroll along the holo-monitor. “Those patterns seem to correlate from here” came a voice from a small transmitter, sitting on the desk. “I’m […]