• Action/Adventure
    Ash vs Evil Dead – Bait\Books from Beyond

    This show continues to be a lot of fun to watch. It’s satisfying to see the series explore newly written scenarios. In the episode ‘Bait’ Ash is drawn to Kelly’s home, despite his protests, where he’s warmly greeted by their family, but not everything is as it seems. Back at the trailer park, police recover […]

  • Books
    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 6

    Chapter VI – Darkened Halls On the surface of Earth the marine approaches the spaceport. Commander Thompson kept frequent tabs on the marines progress. The building was very large, about the size of its predecessor, the airport. The marine could make out Cacodemons and hell knights around the perimeter. He was hoping the aliens would […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 1

    The Evil Dead series is one I’m always coming back to, I find that the original 1981 movie is one of those rare titles that actually gets better each time I watch it. Needless to say for anyone who follows the series, with the exception of the Evil Dead video games, it has been entirely […]

  • Books
    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 5

    Chapter V – Transmission Received The marine was fighting his way across a city block, Imps and Hell Knights attacked from the centre of a three-way intersection, Cacodemons floated above. He confidently marched towards them, neatly dodging their projectile attacks. Ka-Boom. The Imp’s spiked arm was blown off at the elbow, after dodging a blob […]

  • Books
    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 4

    Chapter IV – Former Humans Dr. White and a colleague walked down a corridor, the sound of their footfalls echoed off the walls. “Skip simulations when you recalibrate the plasma stream, theres a 3.1 variance in T-wave frequency and when you get back to your lab make sure you review the new drivers for the […]

  • Books
    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 3

    Chapter III – Questionable Ethics Within the simulation was the quiet halls of the science station. The researchers and security personnel went about their business, most were artificially intelligent software. The test subjects that were in stasis blended in with the A.I. security force flawlessly. A voice came over the public address system that ordered […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, chap 2

    Chapter II – Corporate Tentacles High above the carnage and destruction a man watches the marine’s movements from a UAC moon base. That latest trip through a portal was picked up by the corporation’s scanning equipment. A live feed of the marine’s progress was displayed in a hovering holographic monitor. Dr. Victor Kronos, lead researcher […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 1

    Chapter I – Hell on Earth The Marine walked through a cramped dank corridor. Within the inner chamber he found the hideous Spidermind standing guard over a stone doorway. The monster was a grotesque mesh of flesh and steel, wires hung out from the back of its massive, brain-like head. It had several rows of […]

  • Action/Adventure
    Batman – No Man’s Land

    I enjoyed Batman growing up, reading comics and watching the cartoon show. I had never seen any more than novelized adaptations from the movies, so I was interested when I found this one, hanging out like a sore thumb at the book store. This novel, No Man’s Land, is fairly unique among a lot of […]

  • Books
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Warped

    This was the first hardback story to be released for Deep Space Nine. There are rumblings from Bajor about independence from the Federation of Planets. Many politicians are still untrusting of alien visitors, fuelled by their past war with Cardassian occupiers. Presumably driven by nearby Ferengi operations, Bajor quickly begins planning a luxury resort under […]

  • Movies

    Only rather recently did I see this movie and I was surprised by the quality of it’s story. I thought Wall-E was geared for younger minds, so I didn’t get around to seeing it until word of mouth reached me. The plot takes a few leaps into a near-fantasy realm but it still retains a […]

  • Books
    Fan fiction: DooM – Portal to Chaos, chapter 4

    Chapter IV – Shrouded Interests In the blackness of space lies the planet Mars, it’s smaller moon, Deimos, slowly orbits the rust coloured world. Deep beneath Echo labs, in a secret location, a meeting of the corporation’s paranormal division is about to take place. An elevator descends into the heart of the moon, Dr. Rupert […]

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