• Action/Adventure
    Why Did Terminator Dark Fate Fail?

    If you bring back actor Linda Hamilton, insert the super hot director of Deadpool, Tim Miller, and even entice original-creator and mega-producer James Cameron to create your new Terminator movie and no one shows up to see it… then you’ve just terminated (hah! hah!) the franchise. I take no great joy in announcing that. But there’s […]

  • Games
    Alt-Right and the importance of Far Cry 5

    In all honesty I was putting off writing a thought piece on Far Cry 5. There was no reason behind it other than the lack of time, and then the Virginia Riots happened. True, at first glance those two don’t have much in common. The Charlottesville riots started out after the announcement of decision made […]

  • Anime
    The Ghost in the Shell Complex

    Finally one of the most influential Japanese animations in being adopted into a live-action. Yup, Ghost in the Shell is being made into a potential Hollywood Blockbuster. Surprisingly the movie is getting attention even before it hit the movie theatres due to a rather big controversy. Scarlett Johansson is to play the role of cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi. […]

  • Comics
    In a post-apocalyptic world: Donyatsu

    Typical post-apocalyptic drama will feature a group of survivers (sometimes unlikely ones) who must brave the new reality in a feeble attempt to survive against all odds. This group of misfits will carry the plot forward, with each one of them possessing a unique trait that will make us, the viewers, either sympathise or feel […]

  • Comics
    Your new favourite mangaka: Tsutomu Nihei

    Back in the early 19th century a whole bunch of very paranoid textile-working bruhs had a major bitch-flip. They were called the Luddites and what they did was uprise, namely broke a bunch of threshing machines. Before you dismiss them simply as Green Street Hooligans their paranoia and consequent actions sort of made sense. The Luddites […]

  • Books
    Franz Kafka: I’m more than my hair!

    Ever hear the term kafkaesque (pronounced Kaf·ka·esque)? Nope? Keep on reading. Here’s the rather tragic life story of one of the most prolific sci-fi novelists whose works serve as grand metaphors till this day. Meet Franz Kafka, a mixed bag of a frustrated bureaucrat, playboy, and a whole lot of daddy issues. Although you might know him […]

  • Books
    The Awesome Mr. Lovecraft: when worlds and cats collide

    Howard Phillips Lovecraft, born 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island is generally referred to as one of the founding fathers of Science Fiction (and steam punk), with his most monumental work being ‘The Call of the Cthulhu’. Being somewhat of a weirdo and an eccentric, Lovecraft had a bias towards the overly dramatic, strange, nether-worldly, alien, […]

  • Horror
    The definitive Zombie survival Guide

    The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Resident Evil, REC, Warm Bodies, Planet Terror, Dawn of the Dead, Dead Snow, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later… This list can easily go on, and  I hope you see the common denominator between all of these. That’s right, you got it: Zombies! We can’t seem to get […]