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    Space Carrier Avalon

    Now that’s how you do it!  I recently posted about a book that I’d read – Constitution – Book 1 of the Legacy Fleet by Nick Webb – and the story within was all about a broken down ship and its crew.  I’d spoken about the fact that there wasn’t really anything new in this type […]

  • Military SciFi
    The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact by Raymond L. Weil

    What do you get when you combine BSG with Stargate?  Perhaps somewhat surprisingly from the title and from other books this author has written, you get exactly this exact combination from The Slaver Wars: First Contact.  Now it definitely doesn’t start down that path … in fact the early chapters of the book are more of […]

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    My Top 9 Kindle Unlimited Military SciFi Picks

    I’ve spoken already about Kindle Unlimited (its pros and cons) so won’t go into too much detail on it here. Suffice it to say from my point of view its a way of getting books cheap (often from new or fairly unknown authors), but that being said, no one wants to read books that aren’t […]

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    Renegade: The Spiral Wars

    This review was one that I wasn’t actually planning on doing, as I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that the book was worth it.  This impression lasted for probably the first quarter to almost half of the book unfortunately as it seemed to be such an effort.  I’m actually really not to sure why this […]