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    Von Neumann’s War (2006) is a standalone SF novel (although the book – Neighborhood Watch – Final Report does serve as a prequel of sorts). It takes place in an alternate timeline where Mars probes have failed to land on the red planet on a regular basis due to an alien invasion of the planet. […]

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    Troy Rising – Military SciFi at its finest

    John Ringo’s Troy Rising trilogy (I’m still hoping that there will be a fourth book! 🙂 ) is one of my favorites and one that I keep coming back to whenever I need a “pick me up”.  It’s got everything you could possibly ask for in Military SciFi inscrutable aliens? … CHECK huge space battles? […]

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    The Ember War – Richard Fox

    Yet another military SciFi with a decimated Earth at stake … you’d think that I’d get tired of them wouldn’t you, but I shall persevere!  Don’t worry, I won’t give up in this struggle and will eventually learn all of the different ways we’re fated to die, be it at the hands of lethal aliens, […]

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    An iconic book and film, 2001: The Space Odyssey changed the way in which Science Fiction was perceived in popular culture and changed the “face” of cinema forever. To some extent following familiar footsteps with regards to mankind being uplifted (see future posts on the Uplift War & other books by David Brin) by a […]

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