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    John Ringo – what can I say? I have gotten hooked on his blend of military SciFi since the Posleen war series and while some of those books have tended to flag every now and then his new(er) series – not sure if there is an overall mythology to them or not, I guess you […]

  • Comic Book
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

    It’s difficult to catch lightning in a bottle twice, and that’s exactly what James Gunn tries to do in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The word “Marvel,” as in comic books or movie studios, has become a foundational term of our culture. Yet you could sit through almost every one of today’s comic-book movies […]

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    Troy Rising – Military SciFi at its finest

    John Ringo’s Troy Rising trilogy (I’m still hoping that there will be a fourth book! 🙂 ) is one of my favorites and one that I keep coming back to whenever I need a “pick me up”.  It’s got everything you could possibly ask for in Military SciFi inscrutable aliens? … CHECK huge space battles? […]

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    Search for the Saiph – More Military SciFi Goodness

    OK considering I’ve only just finished writing my review for book one its somewhat startling when you find all of your negatives being addressed in the first 1/2 dozen chapters of book 2!  I mentioned in my previous review that there wasn’t enough romance and humour and that was in abundance here in the interactions […]

  • Doctor Who
    The Pilot: Doctor Who S10

    AFTER AN ENDLESS wait that felt like being trapped in a time loop, Doctor Who finally returned last night. I’ve never anticipated a Doctor Who season premiere quite like “The Pilot.” Peter Capaldi proved himself an amazing Doctor last season, blending shades of Eight and Four with his own unique style. The first episode of […]

  • Doctor Who
    The Husbands of River Song

    I managed to get to the Christmas Special awhile back, but unfortunately I simply didn’t have the time available to give you my thoughts. Was it perfect? No, no it wasn’t … the early parts of the episode were especially clunky and overdone, but boy oh boy did it end well! A beautifully poignant swan […]

  • Agents of Shield
    S3E4 – Devils You Know (AoS)

    Missed one here – many apologies … read this one before you read 4722 although considering the context of that episode, it won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things!  Anyways if you recall at the end of the previous episode, Hunter had made a failed attempt on Wards life & Coulson has removed him […]

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    Fanfiction: DooM – Ultimate Experiment, Chap 6

    Chapter VI – Darkened Halls On the surface of Earth the marine approaches the spaceport. Commander Thompson kept frequent tabs on the marines progress. The building was very large, about the size of its predecessor, the airport. The marine could make out Cacodemons and hell knights around the perimeter. He was hoping the aliens would […]

  • Doctor Who

    Let me start out by saying that I am happy.  I don’t know what it is about Doctor Who, but just watching the show brings back memories from my childhood and its escapism for me in it’s purest form! Matt Smith has definitely done a better job this week versus last week as The Doctor.  […]

  • Agent Carter
    Agent Carter – Snafu

    Well, we’re finally here … the penultimate episode of Agent Carter and boy have we seen Peggy go through a lot. In a nutshell, in the office she’s known as the office secretary, and a dizzy dame (when she helped Jarvis in his interrogation), she’s also shown herself to be one bad-ass babe with Thompson […]

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    Fan fiction: DooM – Portal to Chaos, chapter 4

    Chapter IV – Shrouded Interests In the blackness of space lies the planet Mars, it’s smaller moon, Deimos, slowly orbits the rust coloured world. Deep beneath Echo labs, in a secret location, a meeting of the corporation’s paranormal division is about to take place. An elevator descends into the heart of the moon, Dr. Rupert […]

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    Fanfiction – DooM: Portal to Chaos, Chapter 2

    Chapter II – Deimos Rising “…Now running signature Omega-38 against sequence 430-Alpha” said Dr. Kronos in the darkened research lab, a massive construct sat before him. Kronos watched energy patterns and equations scroll along the holo-monitor. “Those patterns seem to correlate from here” came a voice from a small transmitter, sitting on the desk. “I’m […]