star wars, I know what I’m doing at Christmas! STAR WARS is back!!, Zone 6
Action/Adventure star wars, I know what I’m doing at Christmas! STAR WARS is back!!, Zone 6
I know what I’m doing at Christmas! STAR WARS is back!!

Fortunately for the Geeky among you Christmas has been a great time for Movie viewing.  Over the past couple of years the focus has obviously been on the Fantasy front with the following films getting some major screen time.

However with the Hobbit now over I was quite distraught as I didn’t know what I was going to be spending my time on this Christmas.  This problem has now been resolved – and hopefully in a positive manner as I’ll really be disappointed if Jar-Jar shows up again! – with the release of the newest STAR WARS: The Force Awakens film (episode VII for those keeping track).

Just that opening shot with the half-buried Imperial Star Destroyer and what looks like a crashed X-wing? That opening alone sells me on this movie. It sells me on the visuals. It sells me on the direction. Why? I can’t really say or explain it, but I just love that shot. The whole panoramic thing is impressive in the extreme and I think that it instantly sets the context of what Star Wars has always been about: the struggle between the good and the bad, the struggle between the Empire and the Rebellion (later the New Republic). It also tells you that the story is yet another take on the old Goliath versus David tale. After all, it was a single X-wing that destroyed the first Death Star. It was a farm-boy from a remote world who destroyed the Emperor and set Darth Vader free. It was an X-wing and a beat-up old freighter that took down the second Death Star. This is a story about the long odds, the impossible fights.

By the way – if you get a chance watch this also … If you’ve seen Interstellar you’ll love it and its perfectly filmed!

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I'm a geek! I love all things SciFi and Fantasy and have done since I first read LOTR as a kid. Escapism to fantastic worlds filled with weird and wonderful creatures initially for me was via books and comics, but with the recent surge in popularity of this fare in film and television also - I'm in a state of bliss! As the editor of Zone Six, I've been lucky to meet some other awesome authors and writers that share this love and passion. The great Ray Bradbury said - "Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet, but soon will .. it will change everything for everybody, and nothing will ever be the same again."

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star wars, I know what I’m doing at Christmas! STAR WARS is back!!, Zone 6

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