• Netflix
    Ivar the Boneless
    Will There be a Vikings Season 7? Here is Everything You Need to Know!

    Arguably the perfect blend of historic facts and possible myth, Vikings is one of the most-watched TV series to date. But after Season 6, will there be a Vikings Season 7? There are different claims from different sources and the reason might well be a slight confusion. The most recent Vikings episodes aired from December […]

  • Movies
    Contagion – Film Review

    OK, I’ll start this post with a confession. I’d probably not have watched this movie if it wasn’t for the current crisis we’re all probably experiencing in one form or another. My general genre is Superhero and SciFi and while I enjoy a disaster movie as much as the next person, it’s often a summer […]

  • Star Trek
    Picard – Stardust City Rag

    A very different episode this time compared to the ones that have preceded it. I mean initially, it took Picard 3 episodes to leave Earth and then one episode to find/source a bodyguard. This one is basically Vegas in space and I’d say the whole Star Trek universe has kind of been flipped on its […]

  • Games
    Call of Duty 2020 Release Date
    Call of Duty 2020 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far!

    Here is everything we know about Call of Duty 2020 – one of the most anticipated games geeks are looking forward to. We are in the first half quarter of 2020 and the upcoming Call of Duty is arguably a way off but the good news is that its release has been confirmed by Activision. […]

  • Movies
    1917 movie review
    ‘1917’ Oscar Nominee is the Ressurection of ‘Saving Private Ryan’

    This year’s Oscar nominee, 1917 is pretty much the resurrection of Saving Private Ryan. Though not as engaging as Enemy at the Gates, 1917 successfully manages to trigger the same emotional sensation that we experienced while watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time. For 20 years, we never witnessed the likes of Saving Private […]

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who – Orphan 55

    I had high hopes for this season after the initial 2 episodes to launch off our newest iteration. Skyfall was fun and enjoyable and made me think that a lot of the problems with season 11 were in the past. Sadly Orphan 55 was nothing if not disappointing. A complete filler episode this one had […]

  • Star Trek
    Star Trek: Picard – First Cut

    Right we’re three episodes in and I think it’s time to start talking about Picard. I probably have to apologize from the start though as I didn’t really believe that Jean Luc had it in him. I mean considering everything he’d done since The Next Generation ended, from Logan to the X-Men and others, I […]

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who – Series 12, Episode 1 – Spyfall

    The first episode of Series 12 needed to do a lot of things to eliminate what was, for the majority of edges of fandom, the sour aftertaste of Series 11. The legit grievances concerning Chibnall’s outlining and composing needed to be dealt with. Doctor Who followers are no strangers to the program taking breaks, yet […]